RetroRip is a Danish-Romanian network of passionate, ambitious musicians and media creators formed around the producer/songwriter duo of Ovidiu “Dodo” Moldovan (aka ocmol) and Sebastian Catana. The duo operates from Timisoara, Romania, and specializes in music production and songwriting as well as media production and development.



Like any beautiful tale of an artistic venture, fate had the foundations of RetroRip takes root in creative souls coincidentally meeting in far away lands and under unforeseeable circumstances.

Despite the fact that both Dodo and Seba were born in Romania, their stories are quite different from one another. Seba moved to Denmark in 2008 to take on an MSc in International Business, while Dodo – who at the time was finishing his MA in Aesthetics and Culture – had grown up in the country since the age of six.

In a secluded suburb of Aarhus, the  second biggest city in Denmark – isolated from the distracting hustle and bustle of the city, and sorrounded by forrests and terra-formed lakes Seba and Dodo would finally meet on a rainy day in 2009. An instant musical chemistry prevailed between them, which evolved into a personal and artistic bond that laid the foundations for ambitious dreaming and planning with the aim of creating and working with music on a professional level.

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With an essential focus on mastering the craft of songwriting and music production, a couple of milestones pushed the work of the duo in these early stages. Amongst these milestones was their first official release entitled “Make The World Listen” recorded with their band Patchers, and featuring lead vocalist Adria Florea. The song was featured on “Relief Songs for Japan” an official charity album for the victims of the 2011 Tsunami in Japan. Another milestone showed itself in the opportunity to compose and produce Nokia´s regional ringtones through Audiodraft – a leading audio design outsourcing service. Handpicked by Nokia, the ringtones are today featured on millions of handsets in India and The Middle East.

Projects and collaborations within the field of music production, remixes for up-coming acts, soundtracks/audio-design for short films, video games and promotional media has proven the quality and flexibility RetroRip has to offer across multiple styles and genres, as well as across different forms of media.

With a clear flair for understanding audience and viewer experience RetroRip also moved into the field of media production, where promotional videos were produced for companies and institutions, such as LAC Engineering – an innovative Danish company in the field of wind design, and Lablandan annual cultural event sustained by the municipality of Aarhus aimed at local creative groups and artists.



In 2013, the RetroRip team turned to its roots, seeking new challenges in Dodo and Seba´s country of birth. RetroRip has arrived in Romania with a vast amount of experience and resources in the form of numerous songs, productions and creative initiatives in both English and Romanian. Moreover, it has returned with a well-established network of international musicians, vocalists, instrumentalists, sound engineers, media creators and marketers. RetroRip enthusiastically aspires to contribute and be a part of the flourishing artistic and creative enterprises Romania is experiencing these years.


Living the Dream

In the creative praxis, we here at RetroRip seek to embrace a concept of timelessness rather than old or classic versus new and modern. Our work also incorporates elements from different cultures – especially Balkan, Middle Eastern and Indian – mixing them within an American songwriting heritage.

With a constant focus on the value of the song itself before anything else, we draw inspiration from the tradition of polished and crafted songwriting and production, letting our selfs be inspired by the greats in our field of work – from Burt Baccarat, Lennon/McCartney, Bob Dylan, Quincy Jones, Joe Meek, Brian Eno, Alan Menken to Babyface, Rick Rubin, Mark Ronson and Dr. Dre.

We are keen on showcasing the beauty of simplicity for the sake of commercial appeal, but we also love to play with melodic complexity and lyrical depth, often dealing (implicitly and explicitly) with themes of love and spirituality.

Avoiding tendencies towards elitism, rigid/clear-cut musical genres, and monotonous/repetitive forms, our music aims to encompass and improve upon all aspects of modern pop-music as a medium – from the mystical “x-factor”, to melody, lyrics, production, and performance. Musical eclecticism flavoured with melodic and lyrical depth constitute the overall experience of our work. All this rests firmly on a virtue that we deeply believe in; that there are only two kinds of music, two styles, two genres, two worlds: bad music and good music.

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We specialize in:

- Music Production
- Songwriting
- Remixing
- Soundtracks
- Audio Design & Branding
- Music & Media Consulting
- Video Production

Regional ringtones for Nokia, featured on millions of devices in India and The Middle East.

“Make The World Listen” – official selection  on charity album for  victims of the 2011 tsunami in Japan.

Award winning remix of Mobb Deep “Shook Ones Pt. II”, hand-picked by Kevin Nottingham (The Underground Hip Hop Authority) to be featured on “This is Hip Hop Remixtape: New York Edition“.



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